The Church

Assorted photos of the Church. Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.

church_angle.JPG church_steeple.JPG churchfront.JPG church_straight.JPG
Thought this was a good straight on shot.
fellowship hall.jpg church_003.jpg churcheye.JPG churchfisheye.jpg
The new Fellowship Hall after a good snow. Some pics I took with a fisheye lens.
churchfisheye2.jpg churcheye4.JPG churchflag.JPG churchgood.JPG
churchsphere.JPG churchsphere2.JPG churchblusphere.JPG churchsphere3.JPG
Reflection photos in garden sphere.
churchspheretop.jpg flowersdistance.JPG poppyback.JPG churchtrellis.jpg
Holly Holmes Garden in the foreground. Cool cross on the back of the poppy.
cross.JPG flowerschurch.JPG flowerschurch2.JPG flowerschurchtall.JPG
A cross in the garden of Hollis Holmes. Pretty flowers Thought the clouds added a nice touch in these.

Last updated: 5/2/04